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Graffiti Starter Kit

This starter boutique kit is a perfect gift for a special occasion for any graffiti lover, age 10 & up.

Ideal for a family activity. The sprays will last for many more graffiti projects.

250 NIS

  • Start designing your mini-suitcase & backpacks using the how-to videos on this site. 

  • The in-depth videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to make your suitcase look out of this world.  They include amazing design ideas such as the very popular galaxy theme.

  • Customize your kit by choosing four designs from the selection of stencils on this site & start cutting.  Safety Instructions using the utility-knife.  The stencils are an easy way to create amazing art.  Let your imagination run wild!

  • Select the spray colors & you are ready to roll. Important: Read spray safety instructions before spraying.

  • Your sprays will last for many more projects providing hours of creative fun! Here are some ideas for other items to decorate.

  • Upgrade your kit with these amazing                           such as a customized stencil with your name styled in a cool graffiti font.

       Add-ons are can be included only if you purchase the kit.

You’ll be shocked when you see what beginner graffiti artists can achieve. 

What comes with the Kit?
Finished Products:
Finished Products
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