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Using your sprays

  • Read carefully ALL safety precautions on spray can.

  • Adults must be present at all times while using sprays and hold FULL responsibility for usage.

  • Spray only outside or in a room with good ventilation. The fumes can be strong.

  • Avoid storing cans at high temperatures

     & keep well away from fire.

  • Always wear mask & gloves while spraying.

  • Spray can be removed from skin by scrubbing with soap & warm water.

  • Never spray on face & near eyes.

  • To open new cans, turn upside down & bang the lid on a hard surface. The ring will remain, allowing you to remember the color of the spray.

  • Shake cans well before use.  If clogged, change caps or unblock using a pin.

  • After spraying, turn your can upside down and spray until no color comes out.

  • Watch the "How-to use your spray can" video before spraying.

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