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Born and raised in London, UK, I moved to Israel at the age of 18 to study photography and graphic design.
After working for five years in New York, I relocated with my husband and four children to India, Pune.
We are back in Israel now – and after much soul-searching, I have developed the idea of providing graffiti tours in the TLV neighborhood of Florentine.
The tours combine all of my passions in one career path: photography, art, travel, design. Florentine was recently ranked the second hippest neighborhood in the world – but more than that it is one of the most beautiful and diverse areas in Tel Aviv. And the true beauty lies in the fact that despite the diversity of the people, everyone co-exists peacefully.
I am most proud of the graffiti tours because of the discussions they evoke on the street as we interpret and analyze the graffiti. The graffiti tour is ideal for igniting curiosity in children too. As a mother of four children, I have a keen and deep understanding of how to tap into children’s creativity – and the graffiti tour is not only educational and fascinating for children, it taps into their creative spirit and broadens their thinking and imagination.
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